About Us

Influencing our future by preserving our heritage

Friends supporting the GPPA also support the Florida State Park system by:

  • preserving, protecting, ensuring access to history
  • educating visitors to the value of historical parks and parks in general
  • encouraging individual and community involvement
  • providing financial support to supplement state funding


Our supporters have given generously of their time and financial support. The generosity is greatly appreciated and we hope you consider them in meeting your needs.
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UDC Florida Division

Melinda Anderson         

 $50.00 Corporate
Michele Bowman $15.00 Individual
Kay Brand $15.00 Individual
Diana Byther $15.00 Individual
David Chestnut

David West

$25.00 Family
Pamela Chiappone $15.00 Individual
Virginia Cooper $15.00 Individual
Bob & Bea Daly $25.00 Family
Barry & Beverly Domenget $25.00 Family
Ann Eggers $15.00 Individual
Gary & Hope Flemming $25.00 Family
Jan Greene $15.00 Individual
June Hartlieb $15.00 Individual
Jilianne Hill $15.00 Individual
Boyd & Evelyn Hokins $25.00 Family
Gail & Thomas Jessee $25.00 Family
Robert Kelly $25.00 Family
Marilyn King $15.00 Individual
Curt & Sally Kiser $25.00 Family
Kay McGee $15.00 Individual
UDC Judah P Benjamin

Mary McIntyre

$50.00 Corporate
Elaine McKendree $25.00 Family
Daniel McLaughlin $15.00 Individual
Jeff & Jeanmarie Mullikin $25.00 Family
Lilly & Bob Oliver $25.00 Family
Wesley Powell $15.00 Individual
UDC Augusta Jane Wilson Brenna Rutland $50.00 Corporate
Carole Shelton $15.00 Individual
Felicia & Daniel Silpa $25.00 Family
William & Nadine Skelton $25.00 Family
Joseph & Linda Speiser $25.00 Family
Travis Triplett $15.00 Individual
Lori Walker $15.00 Individual
Doris & Joe Wright $25.00 Family


Corporate Information

  • Legal Designation: GPPA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide financial and educational assistance, and increase public awareness of the Gamble Plantation Historic State


Board Members

  • Gail Jessue: President
  • Bea Daly: Vice President
  • Bob Daly: Treasurer
  • Lori Walker: Secretary
  • Felicia Silpa: Resident Archeologist
  • Ann Eggers: Member
  • Guy Leighton: Member
  • Dan McLaughlin: Member
  • Jeff Mullikin: Member
  • Travis Triplett: Member